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Protection against graffiti.

Vandals are changing the technique of their "art". Instead of spray paints, its now glass etching. The protekt anti-graffiti film, a specially fomulated multi-ply coating, installed on the outside, acts as a protective layer that helps keep windows and mirrors clear and scratch free and reduces the likelihood of costly glass replacement. The film is replaced with no damage to the glass in most cases.

We offer a complete surface protection system for windows, mirrors and surfaces that are vulnerable to damage. Vandals can't see it so they don't know it is there! The film is made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives and impregnated with ultraviolet inhibitors, offers protection against graffiti vandals, and glass-taggers. The thickness of the film helps stop the glass from being defaced while the SR coating allows vandals to think they were able to get to the glass. Whether it is applied to glass, on mirrors, in malls, airports, or in office buildings, graffiti film can be quickly installed by our professionals.

Cost Effective Protection Against Graffiti

With our multi-ply Graffiti-Free™ Film on your windows, you wont need to replace glass or mirrors that have been scratched or painted. In most cases you can simply replace the film - at a fraction of the cost. Specially designed for retail and commercial buildings, Graffiti-Free helps you keep windows clear and unmarked. The sooner you get rid of graffiti the less likely it is to recur.

Permitting or allowing this vandlaism to remain on your property is a public nuisance. It not only makes our residential neighborhoods and our business communities look unattractive, it affects our property values, business sales, and the community's image. Ignoring the mess gives the mistaken impression that it is acceptable and only invites more. It will take the awareness, support, and participation of all to combat this increasing problem.

Los Angeles County's vandalism problem is escalating! The City cannot be effective acting alone. Private citizens are encouraged to take active steps toward maintaining their individual property, and organizing neighborhood cleanup efforts.

Here's what you can do to help solve the problem:

Remove evidence of vandalism from your property immediately.
Plant shrubs or vines in areas that have problems.
Report offenders to the Tucson Police Department. Vandalism is a misdemeanor offense. If apprehended, violators will be prosecuted.
Report vandalism to appropriate agencies.


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