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Improved Efficiency & Comfort

By rejecting up to 77 percent of the sun?s total solar energy, our window films for commercial applications help reduce energy bills and a/c run time. Additionally, comfort levels will be significantly improved with the reduction of uncomfortable hot spots and annoying glare. You?ll see an immediate return on your investment plus, your employees and customers will thank you.

The sun's ultraviolet is a major contributor to the fading of draperies, carpets and storefront display items. That's why you need window films. They reject almost 100 percent of the sun?s harmful and damaging ultraviolet light, helping to prolong the life of your furnishings and valuables. In addition, buildings with window films are safer because they protect occupants from the ultraviolet health threat.

Increased Safety

Our commercial films provide an increased measure of shatter resistance to windows and glass doors because the film and its special mounting adhesive helps hold glass fragments in place. Accidents happen, but our commercial films can reduce the risk of glass related injury. Although not rated as safety films, all our commercial films have a strong adhesive system that bonds the film to the glass - glass becomes stronger and more shatter resistant. If an accident does happen, the glass is more likely to stay in place, reducing the chance of dangerous airborne shards.

Bring More Beauty To Every Window And Room

Today?s expansive windows create a wonderful sense of space and light in residential and commercial buildings. But they also create challenges for interior designers and window fashion specialists, from increasing energy demands and solar hot spots, to the transmission of damaging ultraviolet. Our designer and safety films offer an effective and attractive solution. They?re the finishing touch in window treatments - enhancing their beauty, extending their life and preserving their value for years to come. Commercial window films provide an elegant look to the exterior of any building, storefront or restaurant, regardless of architectural design. They are available in a wide variety of colors and shades, enabling you to coordinate the film to the building?s interior or exterior. For owners of older buildings, our designer films can provide a more modern, contemporary look.

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